Friday, May 30, 2014

Writing again

How time passed that it's been years since I last scribbled on this blog. Oh well, now anyone can write, anywhere, anytime.

I miss being able to read almost anything that would catch my eyes and to write. Although my reading time has reduced so much since the last post, podcasts and translation projects help to fill me in.

Let's hope for the best.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Year with Love

I've been very occupied while celebrating so many events since I last wrote my post here. Malaysians glorify many new years and at this moment, I am moved to scribble some words.

We have seen many incidents recently, which might be some kind of provocative measures by some irresponsible individuals, just to make news. They might also intend to divert us from addressing the more important issues. Some of the issues that I can think of for now are:
- to improve our economy by stopping the subsidies, or
- to make the roads in Malaysia "pothole-less" all the time, or
- to promote Carbon capture and storage (CCS) and alternative environmental friendly technologies
- and more...

I know the PM said People First and Performance Now, but I am not sure whether our PM has the means to deliver. His supporters, mainly the Cabinet, are not very proactive and this leads to non-accomplishment of the true meaning of that phrase. The politicians are too keen to get the people's support that they even make a big issue our of nothing. "That's why they are politicians!", many a remark made at coffee shops. I find that to be true especially when I read their many statements that make me go "Ah, come on la ___(name)! What is this?".

Perhaps the people of Malaysia can move together to turn the politicians heads to look at more pressing issues. Lets start to clear the air and be more compassionate. Be fair to ourselves and others. Celebrate the bond as Malaysians. Xin Nian Kuai Le

Monday, September 21, 2009

Team Up for Great Goal

I've been watching some matches in the Premier League and the score of goals make people shout in excitement, especially at some coffee shops. Today, after some hours of meeting people, I suddenly remembered some of my meetings with friends.

Work, meeting, any activities and understanding make us a great team. I am also looking at it as a Malaysian. As in my previous post, I would like labels to be done away with. I also maintain my respect for the deeds that our previous politicians had done in the political parties and that brought us to have our own country called Malaysia.

But I believe, we can make change for better. Why don't we start with the politicians who are calling for the 1Malaysia concept. Make political parties for Malaysians. Any person who is a citizen of Malaysia can choose to be a member of any political party. Persons of various heritage do not have to ascertain race or religion before qualifying for any party. My point is that the difference should not be based on race, but the political agenda towards a great nation.

My juicy suggestion goes to one aim, to score, towards one direction, 1Malaysia.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Do away with Labels

I am one from a family of various heritage, way back then until now. Mix marriage is not uncommon in Malaysia or anywhere in the world.

I'd like to understand the mumble jumble in the fights and arguments. But having raised in the way my family is, I can't understand why there seems to be hatred in the air based on what we believe in. Why are we sensitive and rebel especially when it involves heritage and belief?

To feel Malaysian and celebrate it, why don't we ignore the labels. We would be able to discuss anything and look at the issues (raised by some people) in the wider sense.

Put yourselves in the shoes of people like me, for example, with a family of many races and beliefs. Even when we like someone, look at the quality in the person. I've found many good people by doing that. And there are many good people in this world.

The answers that the person puts in the forms don't matter. I believe everyone can see it that way.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Police, No Thief; not Thief, then Police

I am sure the whole nation is alarmed by the news on the deaths caused by thieves. And we hear calls for the public to help. I am sure many of us would follow our conscience to help. But this has been the talk!

Can we also please at least look at some other possible solutions? SMS notification to those detected to be in certain areas, on the number of crimes reported, for example.

I had a discussion with a friend last night. I realised later, thanks to my friend, that I don't feel the presence of the police in most places. My understanding has been that the police force is established to protect. Many years ago, I used to see many policemen and policewomen in public places.

Now, I don't feel their presence except for big events. How about the presence of the police in public areas or on public roads? Even when we have the "pondok polis" in some places, very seldom that we see the police.

Having the police around is a comfort for the law abiding citizens. It is an indication that the protectors are around. I hope this note will be heard.